Modern Slavery Statement

At ESG Research Pro, we are deeply committed to promoting ethical and sustainable practices across all sectors. As a dedicated platform for ESG market intelligence and learning, we must ensure that our operations and partnerships adhere to the highest ethical standards.

Operations and Supply Chain

Our primary operation is to produce and publish content centred around ESG research. This involves collaboration with writers, researchers, technology suppliers, and technical staff. Additionally, if we engage in merchandise sales or promotional goods, we work with suppliers to produce and distribute these items.

Steps Taken to Prevent Modern Slavery

  1. Due Diligence: All our partners, including content contributors, advertisers, and suppliers, undergo a review process to ensure they share our commitment against modern slavery.
  2. Contracts and Agreements: Our contracts contain explicit clauses that mandate our partners to operate without engaging in modern slavery.
  3. Training: We provide regular training to our staff, ensuring they know the issues surrounding modern slavery and can identify potential risks in our operations.
  4. Transparency: We encourage an open culture where concerns about unethical practices can be raised without fear of retribution.

Challenges & Continuous Improvement

While we maintain rigorous standards, we recognize the continuously evolving nature of modern slavery risks, especially as we expand and diversify. We pledge to regularly review and update our practices, striving for improvement and ensuring we remain at the forefront of ethical operations.

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