Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy of ESG Research Pro

Effective Date: 4 October 2023

I. Preamble

This document outlines the privacy policy governing the collection, processing, and management of personal data by ESG Research Pro. We underscore our commitment to safeguarding the privacy rights of our users and ensuring the utmost integrity in data handling.

II. Data Collection Scope

In the course of our operations, we may accrue the following categories of personal information:

  • Identity Data: Including but not limited to full names, usernames, and other identifiers.
  • Contact Information: Such as email addresses, telephone numbers, and physical mailing addresses.
  • Technical Specifications: Data regarding IP addresses, device-type specifications, and other related login details.
  • User Interactivity Data: Detailed insights pertaining to user navigation, usage patterns, and interaction with our platform.

III. Purpose of Data Utilization

Your data will be processed exclusively for the intents and purposes for which it was initially collated, specifically:

  • User registration and account management.
  • Enhancement and provisioning of our suite of services.
  • Effective communication and user relationship management.
  • Personalized content delivery and service recommendations.

IV. Assurance of Data Security

We have instituted reasonable security protocols to preempt the inadvertent loss, unauthorized access, or misuse of your data. Access is stringently limited to personnel and third-party service providers on a “need-to-know” basis, all bound by confidentiality obligations.

V. Tenure of Data Retention

Your personal data will be retained solely for the duration necessitated by its initial purpose of collection. Upon exceeding this period, all data will be securely expunged from our repositories.

VI. User Rights Pertaining to Data

Users reserve certain rights concerning their personal data, notably the right to:

  • Access personal data on record.
  • Amend inaccuracies in personal data.
  • Invoke the erasure of personal data.
  • Oppose specific data processing activities.
  • Requisition the portability of personal data.

VII. External Links & Third-Party Affiliations

Our platform may feature links redirecting to external third-party websites. Interaction with such links might expose users to data collection by third parties, for which we bear no responsibility and recommend due diligence.

VIII. Policy Amendments

This privacy policy may undergo periodic revisions to align with operational, regulatory, or legal imperatives.

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